Exhibitors must adhere to the following Standards. Gallery Operations will remove any art not in compliance.

All Exhibited Art shall be:

  1. Free of chips, cracks, or any other damage and present a professional appearance from all directions, front, sides, and reverse..
  2. In full compliance with all rules as outlined.
  3. Documented on the Art Gallery Inventory Log.
  4. Exhibited with completed Exhibit Card. Jewelry may have small tags with Exhibit information attached, and the Exhibit card placed in the inventory binder
  5. Exhibited for no more than 90-day periods, separated by 30-day intervals.

Framed Art shall:

  1. Be hung in a professional manner only with picture framing wire, with ends wrapped, if applicable. Sawtooth hangers are not allowed.
  2. Be secured in frame with screws, nails, staples, brackets, points, or clips.

Unframed Wall Art surfaces:

  1. Must have Director approval. Current Approved surfaces are canvas, glass, metal, and wood.

Portfolio, Watercolor, and Fine Art Photography

  1. Matted with clean, undamaged matting.
  2. Backed with clean, unprinted foam board, hardboard, or non-corrugated cardboard.
  3. Protected with clean, clear poly bags or wrap.
  4. Reproductions are to be identified on the back of mounting board with a Certificate of Authenticity that states the specific printing process and paper used.

Fine Art Photography shall be printed on professional photo paper or Gallery Board approved surface.

Portfolio Original Oils or Acrylics as Oil shall be:

  1. Painted on archival or gesso-covered panels no more than ¼” thick.
  2. Protected with clean, clear poly bags or wrap. G. 3-Dimensional Art shall be:
  3. Free of sharp or dangerously pointed edges.
  4. Designed to independently stand freely and securely.
  5. Free of visible glue or other support apparatus.

Jewelry shall be:

  1. Handmade.
  2. Exhibited on professional, Board approved displays.
  3. Crafted using fine metals, gemstones, wood, glass, leather, or ceramics.
  4. Jewelers shall use small sales tags on jewelry, which shall include material used, artist’s name, price, and inventory number.

Mixed Media shall be:

  1. Defined as two or more media used in one painting/drawing.

Collage shall be:

  1. Defined as materials affixed to a surface. (Illegal or copyrighted material is forbidden to be used in a collage exhibited in the Gallery.)

Sculpture shall be:

  1. Limited to indoor pieces only.

NOTE: Items in violation of the above will be removed from display by Gallery Director