Media Legend


AnOCVI- original cel verified identified

AnOCNV original cel not verified

AnODV   original drawing verified source

AnODNI   original drawing not identified

AnLES   limited edition signed

AnLEU   limited edition unsigned

AnLE1/1S   limited edition 1/1 signed

AnLE1/1U  limited edition 1/1 unsigned

AnOCADS   original cel and drawing signed

AnOCADU  original cel and drawing unsigned

AnCS  chess or checker set



Fantasy/ lithograph- fantasy art as used for book and magazine covers and posters.

F/LP   fantasy art poster

F/LLES   fantasy art limited edition signed


Painting /Drawing

MM mixed media- 2 or more media used in one painting/drawing

PD  drawing media, including pen/ink, pencil/colored, scratchboard, pastel, charcoal etc.

PG collage

PM Printmaking e.g. etching, woodblock, monoprint

PMP Plate Printed Oil

PO   Oil paint (including water soluble Oils)

PW all water based media, e.g. Water color, Acrylic



 Print Photography

PHC Photography  on canvas

PHM Photography on metal

PHG   Photography on glass

PHW Photography on wood

PHO Photography on other



Fine Crafts

CB batik

CC carving

CE enameling

CF   Fiber

CG Glass

CL lapidary

CM metal

CW woodworking

CJ  Jewelry

MMV  multimedia and video exhibitions

PT pottery

SC sculpture

MB mobile or hanging art